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"In preparing your children for college many families often overlook the importance of the ACT.  Every year we look for ways to help our clients receive more free money for college. Last year we determined that one such area was helping students improve their ACT score. We have found that colleges will determine how much grant money your child eligible for based on the ACT score."

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Tutoring Services from Knerr Learning Center

Watch our quick tutorial on how to use our helpful QuotED apps for help with ACT/SAT testing!

Standardized Test Tutoring Milwaukee Students Need

Delafield learning center offers one-on-one tutoring services

Knerr Learning Center, LLC has worked with Wisconsin students in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Walworth, and Jefferson counties since 2009. During that time, our tutors have helped hundreds of students raise their ACT, SAT, PSAT, and graduate exam scores with ACT test prep, SAT test prep and LSAT test prep focused tutoring, along with our other tutoring services. Through Knerr Learning Center’s research-based one-on-one tutoring services and our unique materials for study, students become test-taking experts. Our students’ successes arise partly from our excellent materials, but mostly through Knerr Learning Center’s devoted Milwaukee tutors, who consistently score in the 99th percentile for any test section they teach.

Delafield Tutors Focus on Personalized Learning 

While most test programs are concerned only with the student’s score on an individual exam or teach approaches to the test that are purely anecdotal, Knerr Learning Center values a holistic approach in preparing individual students for the test. Even when we offer courses, Knerr Learning Center keeps the course size small enough that students can still receive personal instruction. Our focus is not merely on the ACT or SAT: our one-on-one students consistently perform better in school and on APs and other college level exams. Knerr Learning Center’s goal is to enhance our students as individuals. While a higher score is obviously our primary focus, Knerr Learning Center’s Delafield tutors delight even more when students start to grow as autodidactic learners. We give our students autonomy even while we guide them to a better understanding of standardized tests. And that, far more than a standardized test, will determine how well a student adapts to and succeeds in college.

Waukesha Tutoring Service With a Reputation for Success

Because of our reputation and devotion to maintaining our unparalleled instruction, Knerr Learning Center typically has a waiting list well in advance of the next testing cycle. Our students and their families often contact us months and sometimes years before they will need our services in order to certify that they will have the opportunity to study under our staff. While we could expand our staff like many companies do in order to accommodate more students, we would merely mirror those companies' slides into adequacy rather than uphold Knerr Learning Center's pursuit of excellence. At our Delafield location, we will continue to exemplify eminence through our tutoring programs. We welcome you to join us.

Knowledge for the Test, Knowledge for Life

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