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"In preparing your children for college many families often overlook the importance of the ACT.  Every year we look for ways to help our clients receive more free money for college. Last year we determined that one such area was helping students improve their ACT score. We have found that colleges will determine how much grant money your child eligible for based on the ACT score."

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Kreigh Knerr is an interdisciplinary omnivore by trade. Steeped in the classics, history, and anything else that grabs his fancy, Kreigh finds almost any subject engaging, which is quite handy when dealing with the often dry reading standardized testing offers. Presently, he is engaged in researching the inclusion of elementary logic in standard high school curriculum and its influence on student comprehension and engagement. Alongside that research, he is writing a book on the subject of critical thinking and its function in the modern world. 

Kreigh spends far too much time investigating standardized testing and the various nuances of each test. By now, he has researched and taught for over 20 different standardized tests, including the ACT, SAT, PSAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, TSA Oxford, ASVAB, and ASTB. Through this research, Knerr Learning Center launched its first installment of an innovate reading comprehension program in the summer of 2012 that allows parents, teachers and students to engage standardized testing in a less stressful and vivified manner. QuotEd Reading Comprehension was launched on Android and iTunes in August 2012 to excellent reviews by students and teachers alike. Through Kreigh's in-depth research into reading comprehension and argumentation theory, QuotEd has progressively reshaped students' performances on reading comprehension exams through its unusual sampling of tantalizing quotations paired with questions of varying difficulty.  

To date, Kreigh has personally helped hundreds of students from all over the world improve their test scores. He can be followed on Twitter and is available for consultation when he isn't busy researching, teaching, or pursuing leisure. He has also given testing advice for The Sound of Ideas, Lake Effect, Q13Fox Seattle, TMJ4, Fox6, and other media outlets. 

Contact the Delafield tutors at Knerr Tutoring for comprehensive ACT, SAT, LSAT, GMAT, and GRE tutoring services. 

In the video below, Fox 6 News talks to Kreigh Knerr about QuotEd, an ACT prep app. Designed by Kreigh himself, QuotEd helps students prepare for their college entrance exams. The innovative app helps students understand the ACT, teaching them the right way to read and answer questions correctly. Preparing for the exam with QuotEd also calms anxiety related to test taking, allowing students to enter their exam with confidence. Students using the QuotEd app for their ACT science and reading prep have improved test scores and carry their test taking skills with them to AP classes and college courses as well. Give your student the tools they need to excel on their ACT and SAT exams. Order the QuotEd app on iTunes or Android today!

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