One on One Tutoring
Focused and personalized learning on ACTs & SATs

“More than my SAT score improvements, I value most how Kreigh has taught me to love learning–an appreciation that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

About Kreigh

Based in Wisconsin since 2009, Knerr Learning Center, LLC is Kreigh Knerr’s home laboratory from which he works with students throughout the world to raise ACT, SAT, and PSAT scores.

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Through Knerr Learning Center’s research-based, one-on-one tutoring focus and unique materials for study, students become test-taking experts. Of greater import, former students often note an ineffable element to their tutoring experience that is not the norm in test prep.

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Test Prep Apps

QuotEd has been constructed to build from the core of standardized testing so that a single app can address many different tests.

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Knerr’s Holistic Approach

While most test programs are concerned only with the student’s score on an individual exam or teach approaches to the test that are purely anecdotal, Knerr Learning Center values a holistic approach to preparing individual students for the test. Even when offering courses, Knerr Learning Center keeps the course size small enough that students can still receive personal instruction. The focus is not merely on the ACT or SAT: one-on-one students consistently perform better in school and on APs and other college-level exams.

Students gain autonomy even while they are guided to a better understanding of standardized tests. And that, far more than a standardized test, will determine how well a student adapts to and succeeds in college.

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Knerr Learning Center’s goal is to develop students as individuals. While a higher score is obviously the primary focus, it is even more inspiring when students start to grow as autodidactic learners.

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