About Kreigh Knerr

Kreigh Knerr is an interdisciplinary omnivore by trade.

Steeped in the classics, history, and anything else that grabs his fancy, Kreigh finds almost any subject engaging, which is quite handy when dealing with the often dry reading standardized testing offers. When he isn’t researching new methods of torture improving his students’ scores, he is writing a book on the subject of critical thinking and its function in the modern world.

Kreigh spends far too much time investigating standardized testing and the various nuances of individual tests. He has researched and taught for over 20 different standardized tests, including the ACT, SAT, PSAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, TSA Oxford, ASVAB, and ASTB. Through his distinct research, Kreigh created two widely celebrated mobile apps that are used by schools, tutors, and students throughout America to accelerate reading comprehension and significantly raise test scores.

Because of his mobile apps’ success, Kreigh has been featured on CNN, Inc., EdTech Digest, Bloomberg Radio, and other media outlets. Since January of 2015, Kreigh has been on the board of advisors for App Ed Review, the leader in educational apps.

Kreigh has personally helped thousands of students from all over the world improve their test scores. He is the author of Tips from the Top: A Tutor to the 1% Reveals His Tricks and is available for consultation when he isn’t busy researching, teaching, or pursuing leisure. His standardized testing expertise is sought across America by schools and media, including NPR’s Lake Effect and The Sound of Ideas .