QuotEd ACT Science

QuotEd Science: Fast Track to Higher Scores

If you want higher test scores in less time, QuotEd ACT Science is your pocket ace. QuotEd’s users improve an average of 3 points on their ACT Science section! Take your pocket tutor to train wherever you are and whenever you want.

QuotEd ACT Science was developed after analyzing over 1,200 real ACT Science questions. QuotEd has produced multiple perfect ACT Science section scores since the app’s launch. More importantly, our users consistently see higher scores – students with scores in the teens or low twenties have even seen jumps as high as 10 points!

Normally, people pay thousands of dollars to a tutor for the tips and training found in this app, because they aren’t published anywhere else! Here’s how our unique training program can help turn you into an ACT test-taking beast:

ACT-busting strategy sections for handling tricky graphs, diagrams, tables, & other quirks

  • Over 250 questions so you can train whenever and wherever you like
  • A “most common terms” glossary for each science category that the ACT tests
  • Full explanations of each ACT Science answer choice
  • Passages pulled from top-level science publications or written by science experts
  • Questions written or reviewed by a nationally respected, standardized test consultant


About QuotEd ACT Science

QuotEd categorizes the types of questions you’ll see on the ACT Science test into simple, digestible chunks. With practice, you’ll be able to navigate through the ACT Science test faster and easier. Study general hints, graphs, tables, diagrams and double passages all within the QuotEd app.

Our practice passages come from science journals, published articles, and the minds of our genius writers. We carefully craft our questions to mirror the thought process that seems to guide the ACT’s writers. From there, we give you simple explanations of how the ACT expects you to connect the passages to the questions.

Science Strategies

In the Science strategies section, QuotEd guides you through every foundational scenario the ACT presents so that you can rock the section that every student and even most tutors fear. QuotEd ACT Science’s strategies will give you the upper hand while you take on the ACT.

Question of the Day

The QuotEd team of test specialists has created hundreds of questions so that you can practice the strategies you’ve learned. Pay attention to the explanations for the answers – they’ll help you handle whatever the ACT Science test throws at you.

Science Glossary

The Science Glossary includes an index of hundreds of key terms you’re likely to encounter on the ACT Science test from frequently-tested areas including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and meteorology.


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Get Your Hands on the QuotEd ACT Science App

The QuotEd ACT Science app is available on iTunes and Google Play.