QuotEd Reading Comprehension

What QuoteEd Reading App Provides?

The QuotEd Reading Comprehension app revolutionizes your critical reading skills. QuotEd features questions crafted to strengthen your reasoning abilities for the ACT and SAT reading comprehension sections. Developed through QuotEd’s unmatched research (learn more about the research here – LINK), we strengthen your testing proficiency in a progressive format that can accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

QuotEd Reading Comprehension is the top reading comprehension app recommended by tutors. QuotEd has been downloaded in over 50 countries, has reached the top 200 in five of them, and is used by thousands of successful test-takers worldwide. As App Ed Review states, QuotEd is “A Reading Comprehension App that will challenge even the most astute reader.”

QuotEd focuses your test preparation efforts by emphasizing the frequently neglected parts of tested reading comprehension: style changes and question and answer pairs. Through our carefully selected quotes and challenging questions, QuotEd Reading Comprehension will have you testing like a pro!


QuotEd Reading Comprehension App Features:

QuotEd Reading Comprehension was created for people who either seek perfect scores or need to seriously improve. Since reading comprehension is the hardest skill for most tutors and test-takers to strengthen, QuotEd makes the ideal companion to your independent, tutorial, or classroom study.

  • Brief explanations of all answer choices
  • Varying levels of difficulty, from Levels 1 through 5
  • Author and work for each quotation
  • Bank of quotations to memorize (pick 2 or 3!) for your exam essays or to look up for your admissions essays
  • “Favorites” button so you can save your favorite quotations or questions for friends
  • A 10-question quiz mode for when you have time for more than the daily question

About QuotEd Reading Comprehension

Standardized test reading comprehension involves 3 key areas:

  • An understanding of the question and answer pairings
  • A familiarity with a variety of writing styles
  • The ability to survive essay-length writing samples.

When QuotEd offers a critical reading question, that question is designed to draw upon the precise thinking that will be necessary on test day. Because the difficulty and style of questions varies heavily on all of those tests, QuotEd varies the difficulty of questions, but also regularly returns to thematic questions. With this cumulative instruction, you will be equipped to take apart the ACT or SAT without having to worry as heavily about test-specific “tricks.”

Unlike most “Question of the Day” apps and web posts, QuotEd provides access to all questions from previous days. This way, you can quiz yourself as long as you like if you want to catch up or have extra time to steadily improve your score. You can use QuotEd for light, daily prep if you have a year or two to prepare. Or, you can employ QuotEd as your ready-at-hand jetpack if you need to blast through some serious study in just a few weeks or days.

Further, because QuotEd focuses on your reading comprehension—something that sets QuotEd apart from other apps—your entire testing dexterity should improve.


“This app has everything one needs for standardized testing. I used it to prepare for the SAT and saw my reading score take a quantum leap. And the quotes are equally as great as the questions; one learns not from some useless passages written by anonymous people, but rather from greats such as Aristotle, Locke, and Thoreau. All in all, Quoted is a wise investment.” – Apple user

“I answered every question on this app before my ACT and did the new ones before my SAT. It helped me tremendously with the logic part of reading comprehension, understanding difficult passages and all the while brushing up on vocab with great literature. It definitely helped me get an 800 on the reading part of my SAT and a 36 on the ACT” – iTunes


Get Your Hands on the QuotEd Reading Comprehension App

The QuotEd Reading Comprehension app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Perhaps you’ll be like one of QuotEd’s users who scored a perfect 800 twice in a row on her SAT critical reading section. When people ask you how you scored so well, you can reply as casually as she did, “QuotEd.”

Whether you need substantial improvement or minor polishing, QuotEd will be your straightforward pocket companion to better test scores.