ACT Prep

Students work with Knerr Learning Center for ACT prep when they want training that is truly personalized or when their prior prep work (self-study, classroom, or tutoring) has not helped them improve sufficiently. Knerr Learning Center students start their studies with real ACT tests and several core supplementary materials. After the first few sessions, further training materials are selected or created for each individual student’s accelerated improvement.

In their one-on-one tutoring sessions, students are presented with a sequence of study that allows them to steadily increase their testing skills. In between sessions, students are assigned homework to reinforce the prior tutoring session’s training and prepare them for the next session’s instruction. This structure of reinforcement alongside new instruction helps students to accelerate their learning because they do not lose the essential concepts they have learned in previous sessions.

While a select few of Knerr Learning Center’s students study with Kreigh via Skype, all students start their tutoring sessions in person. Often these ACT prep sessions are conducted at Knerr Learning Center’s Wisconsin headquarters in Delafield, but certain families who live outside Wisconsin do prefer to arrange for Kreigh to travel to their respective hometowns. This convenience is typically arranged well in advance.

SAT Prep

Knerr Learning Center’s SAT and PSAT prep are closely related, much like the two tests from College Board. In addition to studying from College Board’s SAT and PSAT practice materials, Knerr Learning Center’s students are introduced to the fundamental assumptions on which standardized test-makers depend. This approach shows students how to both navigate the most common SAT and PSAT questions and anticipate the quirky questions that differentiate students who can consistently score in the 99th percentile and those who cannot.

In one sense, much of Knerr Learning Center’s SAT prep focuses on problem solving skills and frequently-tested concepts (what most companies call tips and tricks, just because that sounds more like some secret you must pay to access). In a broader sense, SAT prep with Knerr Learning Center involves a deep analysis of students’ strengths, weaknesses, and patterns of thinking. By synthesizing areas of strength with a student’s weaknesses and patterns of thinking, more growth is possible than by simply repeating the same concepts ad nauseum without actually connecting them to a student’s memory or skillset.

For students pursuing National Merit scholarships or other PSAT and SAT tutoring, some do study with Kreigh via Skype, but all students start their tutoring sessions in person. PSAT and SAT prep sessions are usually held at the Knerr Learning Center’s headquarters in Delafield, Wisconsin, and international students typically travel to Wisconsin to work with Kreigh in person. However, some families do arrange for Kreigh to travel to their respective hometowns in different states.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks is Knerr Learning Center’s most exclusive tutoring program: fewer than 10 students a year can participate. While ACT- or SAT- specific test preparation should never start until the summer before a student’s junior year—at the earliest—tutoring to accelerate a student’s reading comprehension, problem solving abilities, and numeracy in an environment unrelated to particular standardized tests offers students the opportunity to raise their test scores even higher in their junior and senior years of high school.

More importantly than just higher ACT and SAT scores, though, Building Blocks gives students a program designed for their individual interests and weaknesses, so their overall academic abilities improve. Past students have enjoyed higher grades and confidence in addition to their higher test scores. And, while many students of Building Blocks seek high PSAT scores, National Merit scholarships, and Ivy League acceptances, the Building Blocks program helps “average students” improve their skills even more significantly. Whether working in writing, reading, reasoning, or mathematics, Building Blocks shores up weaknesses and advances strengths.

School Consulting

As a former junior high math teacher, Kreigh Knerr knows the pressure teachers face from standardized testing. Further, he is quite conscientious of the difficulty of juggling classroom goals alongside the standardized testing schedule.

When consulting with an individual high school, Kreigh synthesizes the pedagogical approach of that individual school with the realities of preparing for standardized tests. Like a virtuosic actor well-versed in Constantin Stanislavski’s system, Kreigh inhabits the ethos of each individual school through both research and imagination while designing teacher workshops, student boot camps, and semester-long training programs.

This distinct approach to standardized-test consulting allows Kreigh to effectively help schools that range from public to charter to private and from Common Core State Standard-aligned to classical and just about everywhere in between. Thus, there is no particular school or educational methodology which Kreigh prefers to assist. If a school truly wants to improve standardized test performance, then that is a school he wants to work with.