QuotEd Test Prep Apps

A New Way To Study

There’s a new way to study for the ACT and SAT: the QuotEd Test Prep apps. QuotEd specializes in increasing testing proficiency on standardized tests like the ACT and SAT through a device that you (likely) already have in your pocket: your cell phone.

The QuotEd Test Prep apps strengthen your testing proficiency in a progressive format that can accommodate even the busiest of schedules. There’s no need to carry around heavy books anymore – the QuotEd Test Prep apps take care of the heavy lifting for you!

Here’s how App Advice describes it:

QuotED is a fantastic app that will help you improve your comprehension of questions for standardized tests such as the SAT. The app takes a famous quote every weekday and then asks a question on it in the style of a test. You can then answer it and also view an explanation of why each choice is wrong or right. This app will help you develop your skills against the tricks test makers set.

Choose from two different QuotEd test prep apps: QuotEd Reading Comprehension and QuotEd ACT Science.

How exactly does QuotEd help you build rocking test scores? It’s simple, really. Through a ton of research.

“I wanted to create something that would foster further dreaming, instead of killing it. Every test prep product I know is a gigantic time and mind suck, and I refused to get blocked into that limited realm of improve-your-score-but-waste-your-life. So I dove into what was likely an insane exploration of literature, literacy research, informal logic, psychology, and everything else I could read. Five years and thousands of hours later, I trust that QuotEd’s approach to strengthening your literacy will provide you with at least one thought or quotation to encourage your dreams (Oh, and help you build rocking test scores. That too).” – Kreigh Knerr

The QuotEd Test Prep apps build from an unparalleled combination of cutting edge educational research and creator Kreigh Knerr’s specialized research into standardized testing and critical thinking. It took four years of developmental work with thousands of hours of research, experimentation, and successful trial runs, but the result, launched in August 2012, has seen fantastic testing results.

The Research

A 2012 conference hosted by ETS® subsidiary College Board®(makers of SAT®, AP®, et al.) highlights some of the precise research upon which QuotEd is based. As conference members discussed the necessity of rigor and the benefit of focusing on “juicy sentences,” a common theme emerged: “Language is an outcome of grappling with materials.” Because students are generally exposed to materials that require little intellectual grappling (e.g. Into the Wild) or find shortcuts to reading difficult texts (Sparknotes, anyone?), they are ill-prepared to demonstrate adequate literacy on standardized tests:

If children are not getting complex texts, because people don’t believe they can handle them, they never get any exposure to these forms and structures in language. They stay at or below the basic level of literacy.

QuotEd exposes its users to those forms and structures that standardized testing demands they can comprehend. Since QuotEd users learn to focus on intense, tiny quotations from major texts, they thrive when navigating the information density that the SAT and ACT can present.

Want to see even more research?

Why are the QuotEd apps so successful?

The QuotEd apps have seen such success because of the convenience factor – they make is so easy to study! Since your phone is almost always within reach, it’s convenient to practice daily as you have time. The QuotEd Apps are like having a personal tutor readily available, no matter the hour of the day.

Over time, the QuotEd apps strengthen your testing proficiency in a progressive format that can accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

How the QuotEd Apps Help

ACT prep: Ever wonder what the key to ACT success might be?

All aspects of the ACT revolve around your ability to read thoroughly and analytically. On top of that, ACT reading sections test your ability to decipher writing styles from 4 important, and very different, categories: Prose Fiction, Social Science, Humanities, & Natural Science. QuotEd exposes you to hundreds of different writing styles alongside repetition of the most common and easily confused phrasing questions. No writing style or question will scare you on test day after working with the QuotEd app. Act now, and enjoy a smooth ride on your ACT test day!

SAT prep: Ever sick of hearing “If you want to improve your reading score, just read thousands of good books!” when you’re already a junior/senior?

SAT success is based on your ability to read and retain countless pages of significant literature works. QuotEd has done the back work, providing quotations, analysis, and an understanding of the “thousands of good books” you’re supposed to have read. QuotEd has already helped two students score perfect 800s on the SAT Critical Reading and helped other users raise their SAT reading scores hundreds of points.