Delafield ACT Student

Kreigh’s methods to bite back against the ACT, once explained and practiced, seem so evident and intuitive that you wonder why you never heard them from anywhere else, and I doubt you even will! His summer reading groups also left me with a network of other students from around the area and more educated opinions of the world that are never forced. Taking a higher ACT score and all the books we read into consideration, I am confident in saying that the Knerr Learning Center certainly is a learning center.

Noah, Arrowhead High School

Milwaukee SAT Student

As a former student now in college, I find myself using the skills that Kreigh has taught me every day. Each of his lessons had a specific purpose designed around my strengths and weaknesses. He is very patient and always took the time to explain things clearly. I will never forget the conversations that we shared about tennis, literature, the opera, and of course, colleges. More than my SAT score improvements, I value most how Kreigh has taught me to love learning–an appreciation that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Richard, North Shore SAT student

Kentucky Parent

After using a brand name tutoring service where my daughter was stripped of all confidence and humiliated, we found Kreigh. His tutoring style is positive, encouraging, and professional. I like that he pulled many different, real resources to aid my daughter not just canned material put forth by the tutoring service. Kreigh’s demeanor made her want to work for him. The best testament to his capabilities comes from her seven point increase on the ACT.

Christi, parent

Milwaukee Parent

Kreigh is a combination of excellent tutor, educator, and understanding person – a true professional.

Simmy, parent

Nicolet High School Parent

My son was tutored by Kreigh Knerr to take the ACT test his junior year. He took the test four different times and improved dramatically after spending time with Kreigh. More importantly than his scores, he became a very confident test taker which is serving him well now that he is in college. At the time, I did not realize that his ACT score was one component that resulted in significant scholarship dollars at some universities. Kreigh motivated my son, and many of his friends, to continue to work hard, take the test several times, and overall learn how to prepare for taking major tests. My son entered college with a certain level of confidence that he would not have achieved had it not been for Kreigh’s efforts.

Ellen, parent

North Shore ACT Prep

Knerr evaluated our son quickly and directed his tutoring efforts in the right places and in the right ways. Knerr’s strategy was sound and his tactics effective. For three tests our son’s ACT score had been flat. After seven sessions (over 4 weeks) with Knerr, the test score shot up 4 points. Interestingly, Knerr stated early on what he believed our son was capable of scoring. It was just getting him there – and he did it.

Douglas, parent

Milwaukee ACT Tutoring Leads to Increased Grant Money

In preparing your children for college many families often overlook the importance of the ACT. Every year we look for ways to help our clients receive more free money for college. Last year we determined that one such area was helping students improve their ACT score. We have found that colleges will determine how much grant money your child is eligible for based on the ACT score. A one-point difference on your child’s ACT score could mean the difference in receiving thousands of dollars in grants or receiving nothing. Over the past year our clients have seen great improvement on the children’s ACT score which has helped them receive thousands of additional grant money for college. Kreigh’s one-on-one attention has not only helped improve ACT test scores but has also improved academic performance in high school.

Chad Harbeck
College Funding Specialist
Integrated College Planning

Lake Geneva Faculty Development

Kreigh’s inservice with our teachers was very invaluable in giving our teachers a clear understanding of the skills necessary for success on students’ college entrance exams and in helping our teachers assess how to strengthen our curriculum to better prepare our students. As a result of his input, we have added a logic class to our elective options and have put more emphasis on science labs in our junior high science program.

Marj DeVore, Guidance Counselor
Craig Skrede, Head of School
Faith Christian School, Williams Bay, WI

Milwaukee College Workshop

My son and I really enjoyed your approach and humor! We both felt you were the first person to give real tips for the test that actually made sense.

Greater Milwaukee College Workshop Attendee