Tips From The Top

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An itinerant SAT and ACT tutor, Kreigh Knerr has worked with students from the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee to Santa Monica beach. Although he takes on new clients almost exclusively by referral, he has helped thousands of students worldwide. Kreigh is a national figure in the slow reading movement, and his invitation-only summer reading seminar sends students to some of the most prestigious universities and honors programs in the country.

To share his expertise and training more broadly, Kreigh created his test prep apps, QuotEd Reading Comprehension and QuotEd ACT Science, so that self-studiers everywhere can have access to elite test prep wherever and whenever they have their phones. His apps are used by schools, other tutors, and individuals studying worldwide. Kreigh is also a board member of App Ed Review, “The Leading Authority on Educational Apps.”

As an exposé on what a test prep program for the 1% looks like, Tips from the Top offers students the elite insights that only a true industry insider can provide. Rather than simply repeating the same mantras and “secrets” that can be found anywhere, Kreigh opens the door to the privately-designed study programs that make him one of the most sought-after tutors in the world.


Tips from the top: a tutor to the 1%